Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Facebook Welcome Page: Why You Need It

The Facebook Welcome Page: Why You Need It

You don't know the Facebook welcome page or home page, you'll need to take a minute to read through this article to find out what you lack. The welcome page is an absolutely phenomenal way of attracting first-time attention from people who have been introduced to your Facebook page. Using basic html this page can be personalized, enabling you to build a home front that looks more like your own website and less like every other Facebook profile.

The Basics-

You want to go to "Edit Tab" while you're on your business page and go to "Apps" from there. Use the FBML software to build your website. ... Make sure you change the settings in your settings so that people who aren't already fans of your page get to your new welcome page first and not your wall. If you're not an expert and want to do something simple, you can make an picture or something similar in Photoshop and have that load with a simple < img src= ">.

Direct them to your Like button-

We 're all happy to have more people checking out our facebook page for the most part, but what we really want is for those people to LIKE us. Using your FBML page as a welcome page will help you achieve the goal of gaining more fans by pointing out the like button and describing why your new guest should click on it. Perhaps you're selling something very good, maybe you've got prizes, or maybe you're sharing a couple of pictures of your goods to catch the customer and make them interact.

Make it Attractive-

This isn't our webpage for many of us, it's still our Facebook page where we want people to see what our fans are saying and chime in when they feel the need. The main point of the welcome page is to have something attractive and catchy that will stick you out and set you apart from the norm. When your Facebook welcome page loads, most people are surprised and have the initial feeling of "Woaah, this is cool," and they are immediately interested in clicking like and further investigation.

The Bottom Line-

Adding a Welcome page to my Facebook retail websites has improved my percentage of people clicking like. Since adding a simple welcome page with a basic graphic highlights the welcome button there has been a significant improvement in my contact rate, and essentially says, "If you like what we do here, click like!

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