Wednesday, September 30, 2020

How Search Engine Impacts Our Memory

How Search Engine Impacts Our Memory

A new research shawon has changed the way we think about the Internet revolution. The extraordinary time in the internet world has been particularly during the last two decades. Not only has the Internet changed the way we work but it has also changed the way we think or remember.

We literally go to Google search or other search engines for something that we want to find or practically search for. Betsy Sparrow An associate professor at Columbia University researched the impact on human memory that the Google search engine was having. And she fined in her latest research that we are using search engine as our personal memory bench. In general, we place stress on remembering sources of information rather than the information itself.

Instead of learning, all search engines work on the principle of "how to search," somewhere it really affects our power to remember. Today most of us don't recall the email ids from our friend because they're saved in our mail id's contact box. We call our relatives, as their numbers are stored in the memory of our mobile phone. This is because the knowledge is not remembered; but we know where to find it.

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