Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Google Webmaster Tools Tutorial

Google Webmaster Tools Tutorial

Google's webmaster tool is a Google product that provides the webmasters with knowledge on how Google views its websites. I'll clarify it step by step here tutorial.

Step1: First you need to sign up for using Google webmaster tools.

Step2: After sign up you just need to add your site by just clicking add a site button as shown below.

Step3: After verifying site, under dashboard you will see many options as shown bellow

Site configuration: Site configuration tab elaborate many thing like:

You can submit your site map.(Sitemaps)

You can Generate robot.txt file and submit it to Google. (Crawler access)

If you’re planning to move your site to a new domain, use the Change of Address tool to tell Google about your new URL .(Change of address)

Your site on the web: 

This tab elaborates a number of items that will help a webmaster create a plan for seo:

Find out which keywords are most popular on your website to make an affective decision when doing off-page seo. (Finding Questions)

You can check the contents which are most linked. (Link to your Homepage)

By browsing the web you will find the most popular keywords that Google has discovered. (Phoneymoon)

It allows you to know which pages with the largest number of links inside your website.


Diagnostics suggests any issues that Google has had when indexing the site:

It will highlight any broken ties found in the new crawl.

The report shows crawled sites, the time spent crawling and the amount of data downloaded daily.(Crawl stats)

Google will see precisely how a page appears.(Fetch as Googlebot)

You can find duplicate descriptions and titles on your site with the HTML suggestion report, as well as information on long or short meta and title descriptions etc.(HTML suggestions)


Your site Performance Statistics:

This tab provides information about your site's speed , i.e. how long it takes to download each page to web browsers. (Performance at site)

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