Friday, October 9, 2020

Google Plus And Its Effect On SEO

Google Plus And Its Effect On SEO

In today’s world social media are the best way to express yourself. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, orkut and now Google Plus are the best mode to express yourself. But as far as SEO ranking is concern, yes these sites can make a huge difference in gaining traffic and Google ranking.

As we all know Google launches its new social network called Google plus (Google+). But before the launch of Google plus, facebook and Twitter was the most easy and popular social network to promote your blog or website. As facebook has “like” button which is used to promote blogs or websites. Similarly Google introduced the Google + Button to share the blog or a post on Google + profile.

But Google plus will have a real impact on the ranking of Search Engines, the answer is YES it seems. As Google learned a lot from its past experience, how Google's search engine ranking criteria play a crucial role in how facebook shares and Likes and Twitter tweets and re-tweets from authoritative Twitter accounts.

Simply put, the biggest benefit of using Google Plus is that the more +1 clicks your blog, posts, and videos get, the more Google will look at it as a more source of knowledge and the higher the chance of having better page ranking.

There are also some other reasons why Google plus will affect SEO like:

Google 's getting easier to measure the social links for a blog on Google+ because it's their own.

Google Plus can affect search rankings as the search algorithm already takes into account the number of social connections.

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