Sunday, October 11, 2020

Four Things Every Blogger Needs To Know

Four Things Every Blogger Needs To Know

Over the past couple of years blogger has become wildly popular. YouTube is full of good and bad blog examples, and is a good place to start your study. For any aspiring blogger here are a few important ones.

1. How To Recognize A Good Topic

Blogging involves saying what you want to say without boring the viewers. At first, it will seem quick, but if you stick to regular or even weekly updates, there will be times when you don't know what to talk about. It may be the hardest thing you can do to get in front of the camera and hope to find it out. When someone scrambles to find the right words it is easy to tell. Make sure you have a written description before even considering turning the camera on.To have something to say refers not only to a subject but also to duration. You may have the biggest subject in the world but if you can only talk about it for 4 minutes then it's probably best not to commit to a blog about it for 10 minutes. There's nothing wrong with mixing subjects, sometimes you need to think about a few lighter subjects than pressing a major one.

2. How To Keep Yourself In Frame At All Times.

It might sound simplistic but it's easy to forget the camera and step out of frame in the middle of a heated rant about something that's your very passionate about. Take the time to do some trial videos. No matter how good a argument you have to make, it's difficult for you to be taken seriously if you can't manage to remain in view of their camera. Get to know very well how far you can go without leaving the picture, and get used to staying there. When you are happy with your room it is simpler and longer videos are made. Much like this is something that gets better with time with your blog voice, so the earlier you start to practice the better.

3. How To Speak To The Camera

When you get to film your blog in front of the camera, it is important that you know how to talk. Think of your future YouTube viewers as a whole. You can't whisper into the camera and expect that your blog will come out okay. It is crucial that you talk with a loud, booming voice, just as you are in a packed auditorium delivering a speech. Your blog voice is something you need to grow over time, but a good way to get going is to talk as loud as you can without crying out.

4. Taking Criticism Gracefully

Not everybody, no matter what you're thinking about, would like your videos. There are also articles explicitly written so as to be offensive. You have to learn to shake off commentaries like this. However, comments offering advice on how to improve should not only be heard but also encouraged. Chances are that some of the commentators have done this much longer than you have and the advice they offer can really help you improve.

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