Friday, October 16, 2020

Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Top 10 SEO Mistakes

There are more disagreements on the website about what to do and not to do. Which one, the Black Box or White Box technique, is more effective? To prevent the disagreements to have the best results in time, prevent the errors that people normally make to cannot have the result on time. Here are 10 SEO (search Engine Optimization) errors to stop in order to get excellent results.

Flash Website:- Flash is easy to use and if you have to create flash website, it will take less time and be more appealing, but the point is to understand Flash by DO search engine? The answer just is NO. Search engine doesn't understand flash so don't waste your time and resources building your FLASH website.

Content in Images:- Developer usually embeds the navigation and page copy into photos but they do not realize that search engines would not be able to recognise this content. Showing the content is also more useful and one can use text-based navigation and semantic mark-up for that.

JavaScript/AJAX:- For the same purpose, using text-based HTML / CSS navigation instead of JavaScript / AJAX; search engine doesn't understand that.

Duplicate Content: - Search engine hate duplicate material, and its effects on website are really bad. Even if you have loads of back links or reciprocal links with similar website content, all activities are pointless. Once redundant material is removed from website, no action can work.

Keyword Stuffing: – Using one keyword for more time on a website page will not take you to the top of the search engine list but will take you to the search engine spam list because unnecessary use of keyword (keyword stuffing) on the website is penalized according to the search engine.

Automated Directory Submission Softwares: – There are loads of software programs also available to automate the process of submitting directories. Don't use these. Send to well-established directories, unique titles write and explanations, and even attempt to concentrate on directories locally and niche.

Participate in Link Exchange Programs: –  With blogs, the sharing of links is useful, but limitations apply as if reciprocal links are less important than one-way links. There is no use of page links which contain hundreds of links.

Page Title and Meta Description: –
It is of no use to use Page Title and Meta Description throughout the website; it should be avoided. Using only clear and to the point definition of the website that clearly shows the website's intent for both search engine and viewers.

Focus on the Wrong Keywords: – Keywords is the primary factor if the right keyword is used, which gives more conversation volume. It is very important to select both the correct and long tail keyword for the website so that the search engine can provide you with anticipated traffic.

SEF (Search Engine Friendly) URLs: –
 Selecting search engine friendly URLs is the key and first priority, since SEF URL is genuinely a human friendly URL and is always welcome by the search engine.

If you learn what to avoid in SEO and its ... Disadvantages that you use; now is the right time to change it, and to give your website the right direction and a positive path.

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