Tuesday, November 3, 2020

B- 3 Mistakes Most Bloggers Makelogging- 3 Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

Blogging- 3 Mistakes Most Bloggers Make

Looking at the benefits bloggers get from the internet, you 'd like to agree with me that blogging is a successful business. One thing you have to realize is that you need to be relatively smart as a blogger. As a writer, I took some time to research the reasons why most bloggers don't make money from the internet. What are the things that they are doing that are wrong and what are they not doing that they should be doing?

I have come to the result after doing a long research that the following facts I will be sharing with you and many others are the mistakes that most bloggers make. Such errors may even lead to me, however, all I have to do that I encourage you to do is try to stop making them.

Using Free Sub-domains – such as

Need to get a blog for free? Until you decide to use a free blog you will remember how many popular blogs you have seen on the internet use free sub-domains. It's not that difficult to have a domain name that you'll have complete leverage over and the advantages that come with it are disproportionate to the price you pay for it.

One downside to using a free subdomain like or is that people do not take you seriously.

Blogging is about professionalism. Others can only see you as a blogging expert if you have your domain name.

Poor Headlines

Headlines are the most relevant part of your blog for 40 per cent. It's your headlines that would represent your blog posts to your readers and in the light of your headlines they'll see that. Unless your headlines are not sufficiently enticing to persuade the search engineer who is searching for good content to devour, your blog will lose a lot of potential readers.

Using a title which is entirely different from the material of your blog would be a very bad mistake. Before selecting headlines for my blog that features discounts for weight watchers and coupons for ediets, I spend at least 15 minutes debating the terms will go into the headlines to avoid making horrible mistakes.

Neglecting SEO

Most bloggers are able to reach the opinion nowadays that if they provide good and quality content on their blogs then other sites that love their content will naturally link back to them. While many bloggers are always lucky to get loads of blogs to freely link back to them, you may not experience that kind of luck. That is why neglecting to do search engine optimization will be a horrible mistake for you.

Start writing for other blogs and get them to link your ideal SEO keyword back to your blog. This will help your blog rank well in the search engines for those keywords, thereby giving you lots of SEO traffic.


Everybody is making mistakes now and then, but that's not the most important thing. When you've found that in some facets of blogging you 're falling short, you don't have to start brooding about that. The best you can do is to look for ways to fix your errors.